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Section 172 (1) Statement

Operating of the Board

The Directors of the company operate under the principles of accountability, transparency, fairness and responsibility.  All decisions which have serious impact to the performance of the business are reviewed appropriately by the Directors.


Business Ethics & Conduct

The Company strives to maintain all business relationships professionally and honourably, and to carry out the performance of its agreements with clarity and integrity. 


Long-term sustainability

The company is mindful of its importance to its staff, its suppliers, its shareholders and the community at large.  We aim to make such profits not only to be commercially viable, but to maintain our charitable activities in the communities where we operate as well as meeting the expectations of our stakeholders and shareholders. 


Stakeholders Our stakeholders are our customers, our staff, our suppliers and our shareholders.

The company operates to provide service to our customers, whilst treating our suppliers and our staff respectfully, openly and honestly.  Our shareholders believe this is the best way to maintain and grow the business profitably and sustainably to their long-term benefit.



We use a feedback and review system called Trustpilot, which surveys and request reviews from every customer with whom we conclude an order.  The company aims to personally respond to any negative review or queries within a twenty-four hour period.  The information on volume of surveys and reviews completed as well as an aggregate of our customers evaluation of our business and services is made freely available on our websites. 



We work closely with all suppliers to ensure all those in our supply chain comply with our ethics and take great effort to ensure our suppliers are aware of our expectations, both individually and via our membership of Fortis. We achieve this through actively communicating with our suppliers throughout all stages of our relationship with them, setting the right tone and culture within our organization and with third parties including suppliers, and ensuring that we have robust policies and processes in place that are inclusive of the requirement to carry out appropriate risk based due diligence on our suppliers.


Community and Environment

The company is committed to following the guidance to BS 8555 2003; and seeks to adopt the highest available environmental standards in all our areas of operation in so far as is reasonably practical. We use the principles of waste minimization and energy conservation to optimize our business performance and minimize our impact on the environment, as well as adopting an environmentally sound transport strategy, purchasing fuel efficient vehicles and operate the fleet to maximum overall efficiency.